Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Forever Business different from pyramid schemes?

NOT ALL network marketing businesses are pyramid schemes. There are those considered as pyramid schemes and even scams. Those that promote "easy money" concept; with no real products; or with over-valued products; and promote quick income from recruiting only - are usually indicators of such a scheme.

On the other hand, legitimate and ethical network marketing companies like FOREVER offers value for money on the products; we are realistic in saying the our business is fairly simple and requires hard work; you earn in multiple ways based on product consumption; and you can earn more than the person who joined first if you work harder. Legitimate network  marketing companies like FOREVER are also members of DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION - of which in many countries Forever is a founding member. This is the body that helps regulate the industry and coordinate with governments in making laws and policies to protect the people.

2. What is my responsibility as a Forever Business Owner?

There is no employer-employee relationship when you sign-up as a Forever Business Owner. Furthermore, we do not provide Visas for expats. The ID Number given to you can be used as simply a discount ID and/or free license to do Forever Business globally. You will work on your business as an Independent Distributor following Forever Living Company Policy. You can also choose to terminate your membership as you please. However, you won't be able to take part in any Forever Living Products and Incentives within 2 years.

3. How are the bonuses collected?

Retail profits made through your Forever Business Owner Website, personal bonuses, and group bonuses are given every 15th of the month without fail via pay to cash check, or bank transfer, or through Forever Global Pay ATM card.

4. Can I choose how much I need to initially purchase to try the products and begin the business?

YES. Other than the recommended 2CC pak or products which costs around $391 after 15% discount, that promotes you to Assistant Supervisor level, you may purchase any products and amount your prefer. You can also purchase more if you please. The minimum purchase value in most of our product centers is $55 at discounted value.

5. Does the company have a Return Policy for the products?

YES. Forever Living is proud to have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Who else does that? Under our company policy, should you be dissatisfied with the products, you can return it and get your money back. Your FLP ID will be terminated. We are so sure of the highest standards we have on our products we guarantee customer satisfaction.


6. Why are the products not available in local stores?

As we use "Direct Selling" as a way to distribute our products to consumers, our products can only be accessed through you as a Forever Business Owner, or directly from the company.  We do not use the traditional retail pathway. Note that, as a Forever Business Owner, we can distribute our products to "service oriented shops." Please refer to the Company Policy for guidance.

7. What approvals does Forever have on its products?

With Forever we ensure that our products only delivers health benefits. There are no side effects as we use natural ingredients. We make sure that our products follow the highest standards in public safety and purity. As proof, we have approvals from local health authorities in 160+ countries; and International Seals of Approval from - International Aloe Science Council; IFANCA Halal; Kosher Rating; and among others the National Sanitary Foundation NSF. Feel free to do your research on these approving institutions.

In the Middle East, Forever has been recently awarded by the UAE Chamber of Commerce as the best company in Health Supplements.

8. Can I  take the products without doctor's prescription?

YES. All our food products are considered as FOOD SUPPLEMENTS. These are food from nature that we manufacture through a patented process to enable them to store, ship and available worldwide. Also, note that world renowned scientists and even medical doctors are behind our products.  However, if you are experiencing any medical condition, it is highly advised that you seek your physician's advise. WE ARE NOT MEDICINES. Hence our products are not intended to mitigate, or cure any diseases.   

9. Are the products really good?

They are not just good, they are GREAT! But, the BEST JUDGE IS YOU. With no advertisements, our sales exceeds over $3B yearly and we have expanded all over the world. This is because, our products work! So you have nothing to lose, remember we have the Satisfaction Guarantee and Money Back.

10. What is the minimum age of the person who can join the business?

As per our Company Policy, anyone at 18 years of age and above can join the business. A person can only have 1 FBO ID number. If the person has a spouse, they can be registered with 2 different IDs.